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Compliances for processing Of Visa

The Enterprises are advised to submit the following latest payment/documents to BOI for the processing of visas without any interruption.

Enterprises Approved under Sec. 17 of BOI Law

  • Annual Fee
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Bi-annual Report
  • Employment
  • COC (if applicable)
  • EPL (if applicable)

Enterprises Approved under Sec. 16 of BOI Law

  • Annual Fee
  • Audited Financial Statements
  • Employment

Please contact Monitoring Department or Visa Unit of BOI for any further clarification.

Business Visas

On request, BOI may issue a letter of recommendation to Sri Lankan Embassies / High Commissions...

Resident Visas

Once an agreement is signed with the BOI, the BOI may facilitate the issuance of resident visas to relevant...

Short Visit Visas

Foreign Nationals who wish to travel to Sri Lanka for a short visit(such as business conferences, discussions, training...

Supportive Information

User Guide

For assistance to use the Visa Recommendation System, please refer following.

Required Files

The company should submit the following documents along with the visa application in three sets to...

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